Extensions and renovations are a great way to cater for a growing family, upgrade your lifestyle and add value to your home. When we undertake a renovation project we’re committed to making the most of your current property. That means we take into account your block size, orientation, current structure and budget before customising a solution to suit your needs.

As part of our high performance living ethos we work with you to understand the motivations for your renovation or extension and how the modification can improve your lifestyle. Once we’ve developed this understanding we are able to move towards a shared goal.

Through our initial consultation we identify your renovation goals, analyse them and form a custom solution. As a HIA Greensmart builder we consider a variety of factors including temperature regulation, energy consumption, insulation types and window glazing. This approach enables us to create home additions that seamlessly blend with the original structure and perform at a high level.

The end result is what we call ‘high performance living’. It’ s an investment that improves your quality of life while also increasing your property value. Enquire today about how we can work together to enhance your home.