Address 50 Carson Street, MACARTHUR ACT Client Mark Gillett

Value $1,500,000 - 2,000,000 Architect Edesign Centre

Ruiz Constructions were engaged on a Medium Work Commercial Works Contract for the construction of the Teddy bears Child Care Centre located in MacArthur, ACT.

The 2 buildings were constructed using a waffle slab system, termite treated timber frames and external colorbond cladding. It features in-slab hydronic heating, evaporative cooling and uPVC window frames to provide for a comfortable environment to users of the Centre. This project included a particularly unique design to the link between the 2 Buildings.

This was cleverly designed to use a shipping container which was externally cladded and internally lined to create a seamless link between the two buildings. The project scope also included the construction of 2 new carparks, the installation of a retention tank and upgrading existing TAMS assets.

Ruiz Constructions were required to comply with The Code on Accessibility in the Built Environment and requirements set out by the Children’s Policy and Regulation Unit Education and Training Directorate.

Ruiz Constructions engaged their most experienced contractors, trades and consultants for this project to ensure that objectives were met.

Although challenges were encountered, Ruiz Constructions were able to resolve all issues through their experience as well as consultation from industry experts.

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