Address Westfield Woden Client K4 PTY LTD

Value up to $500,000 Architect Design Portfolio

Ruiz Constructions were engaged to fit-out their first store in the ACT, located in the Westfield Plaza. Yoli Frozen Yoghurt Bar was conducted under a Project Management Agreement, providing the client with contract security on cost and confidence for project delivery. The contract conditions required the programming of the works to be compatible with the commercial operations of the Client.

Ruiz Constructions faced various challenges during the execution of this contract including working within a head contractor who was carrying out the new section of the mall and the Christmas Rush where all stores were required to be open prior to Christmas.

Ruiz Constructions provided the client with a modern, fully functional store. This was delivered within the budget, on time and satisfied all parties to the contract. Unfortunately, the Store is no longer open to the public however we are proud of the quality and detail that went in to the project in such a small amount of time.

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